Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are you celebrating......

First you start with these shorts.

Then you add a cute drifit tank top...

Plus some of these awesome running shoes. (This is the pair and color I wanted unfortunately they didn't have my size so I got some really plain ones, same style. I know you're not supposed to pick running shoes based on color but I'm a girl and I like to look cute, even when I'm working out!)
When it's 752 degrees outside like it is in Memphis right now you need to stay hydrated so a handheld waterbottle or Camelbak is a MUST!
Filled with half water and half Gatorade!

All of these things equal a great run!

Are you celebrating National Running Day? I'm hoping to get in a short run tonight. My mileage and stamina are nowhere near where they used to be. Oh Well nothing a little running and time can't fix! I also think I've talked the Hubs into running again. He even agreed to go get fitted at Fleet Feet for a new pair of running shoes!

I might need to purchase this because it's cute!