Friday, June 10, 2011

Yoga in the Park

I'm an avid reader of healthy living blogs. Most of the bloggers live in larger cities such as New York, Philadelphia & Chicago and they are always talking about the fun exercise option they have. If you live in Memphis you know that it is not very up to date when it comes to being exercise friendly. However over the past couple of years our city has taken huge strides to catch up with the rest of America.

Lifetime Fitness which opened in Collierville has really helped people to get up and get moving. Also if you're not into spending an arm and a leg to workout you should look into the green lines around town. J and I love to bike the Shelby Farm Green line that is literally right in our back yard. I actually ran it last night. I'm a huge fan of changing up my workout routine. I love to run but running everyday gets old. I've tried Pure Barre Germantown which is an amazing workout. This weekend I'm really excited about participating in Yoga in the Park at Shelby Farms. I've always heard that yoga is great for runners. The only yoga I've don is Jillian Michaels and she kicked my butt. I'm so excited about giving yoga a try and plus it'll be outside at one of Memphis' greatest parks!

So Saturday morning I'll be grabbing my Camelbak water bottle.

My yoga mat

and heading to this beautiful park
to hopefully not make a fool of myself.

Maybe I'll be able to do this by the end of the class! ha ha

If anyone is interested they will be doing this every Saturday morning in June. Check out the Shelby Farms event calendar for more information.


Christin said...

I may go, depending on when I need to meet a friend to go wedding dress shopping. I'll let you know.

ps I don't have a mat
pss or yoga attire

Is that a problem?