Monday, January 28, 2013


This weekend was super low key so I'm following True Britt's lead and copying her "Currently" Blog post.

Reading: Beautiful Creatures. I'm trying to finish it before I see the movie. I'm also reading the Bible all the way through this year. I'm using the you version app on my phone. It gives you an Old Testament Reading and New Testament Reading each day.
Wanting: My whole house to be decorated and me not have to do anything. A girl can wish, right! 

Feeling: Happy!
Listening: K-Love. I'm taking the 30 day challenge and I can definitely tell a difference in my attitude and outlook towards everything. If you aren't currently listening you should start and try out the 30 day challenge and see what changes it can make in your life. God can work miracles if you let him!

Drinking: French Vanilla Coffee and Water. I'm trying to up my water intake to a gallon everyday. I'm 25 ounces in so far. Only 100 more to go. The only downside is I'm spending alot of time in the bathroom. :)

Dreaming: About getting out of debt. 2013 is the year of savings and paying stuff off for the Franks House

Loving: GOD and my little family. Jared and Mable make my life complete!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mable

Today our sweet angel turns 3! I can't imagine our lives with out her except maybe when I'm trying to go to bed and she is stealing bed space and covers!

 She is one spoiled rotten little girl and today she will get all of her favorites. Eggs for breakfast and some vanilla ice cream after dinner. 

Happy Birthday Mable Anne Franks! 
Your Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Happy Hump Day Folks! Now that I have a snazzy new blog design I figured I might need to blog a little more! Today I'm linking up with What I'm Loving Wednesday. This post is going to be dedicated to all my favorite "getting ready" products.

First up is the Clarisonic Mia. Can I just say that this little gadget is life changing. It actually makes me want to wash my face every night. I know I should want to anyway but let's face it I'm guilty of crawling into bed with my makeup on at least once or twice a week. I received the Mia for Christmas and I can definitely tell the difference in my skin. My pores are getting smaller, my makeup and lotions go on so much better and my occasional breakouts almost never happen now! Go ahead and splurge on this amazing item!!

I've also strictly been using only CeraVe products on my face for the past month and the combo of these products and lotions with the Clarisonic are my equation for beautiful skin!

I know you're probably wondering if my next product is blog appropriate. Ha-ha! But seriously this stuff is the most amazing make-up primer I have found to date. Not only does it work great but it's also super cheap. I think it's somewhere between 6-8 dollars at Target.

The next product is Orgins Underwear for Lashes. I use this as a primer under my mascara. It's 15 dollars a tube at Macy's. It lasts about 4 months and makes my mascara go on smoother and makes my lashes thicker and longer! Run don't walk and get this product!!

This is my favorite mascara right now. I fell in love with Lancome but at 25 dollars a tube I just couldn't justify that. So when I found out Lancome was made by Loreal I had to give it a try and I haven't looked back!

The next product is Argon Oil which I purchase at Sally's Beauty Supply. I put it on my hair after I comb through it after its washed. It's smells great and takes care of the frizzies! It's just like Moroccan Oil but ten times cheaper!
This next product I put on after I towel dry my hair. It helps detangle and also protects against all of the blow drying and curling!

Let me know if you have any products you absolutely can not live without!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

Since I work from home on Fridays, our Friday night tend to be rather low key. By the time 5 o'clock rolls around I usually am not all about getting dolled up going out. With that being said we hit up Red Box and rented Looper and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer. Can you guess who chose the movies? Ha! We watched Looper Friday night after eating Crock pot Buffalo Chicken with carrots and celery. It was okay. Not sure if I would make it again. I combined two recipes and I think next time I will stick to one or the other. As usual, I was asleep before the movie ended. It was good until then.

Saturday we woke up to rain and dreary weather. We laid around, read books and Jared watched his other movie. We have had movie passes left over from Christmas and decided to put them to use and go see Zero Dark Thirty that evening. It was AMAZING!!! Jessica Chastain definitely deserved to win the Golden Globe last night. I have seriously loved EVERY movie she has been in thus far. Afterwards, we hit up Huey's for a good burger and fries. I have been a total flop with the clean eating but I'm starting new today. That's a whole other blog post!

Sunday we skipped church and headed out to see Jared's parents. His mom had emergency surgery on her leg after a fall Thanksgiving weekend and was starting to get better and then fell again last Thursday. They decided that she hadn't injured anything that they repaired in the first surgery. PTL However, they think it might have injured her ligaments. She goes today for an MRI to see. Prayers would be greatly appreciated that she does not have to have surgery again!

Last night was spent on the phone with Xfinity. I greatly despise them. Our DVR went out right in the middle of the new episode of Downton Abbey and had not yet come back on. Now I have to get a new cable box and all of my recorded shows are GONE! Uggghhhh! SO annoying!

Is anyone else sick of the weather? If it's going to be cold be cold and if it's going to be warm be warm! Also this rain needs to go somewhere far away from here.