Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

Since I work from home on Fridays, our Friday night tend to be rather low key. By the time 5 o'clock rolls around I usually am not all about getting dolled up going out. With that being said we hit up Red Box and rented Looper and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer. Can you guess who chose the movies? Ha! We watched Looper Friday night after eating Crock pot Buffalo Chicken with carrots and celery. It was okay. Not sure if I would make it again. I combined two recipes and I think next time I will stick to one or the other. As usual, I was asleep before the movie ended. It was good until then.

Saturday we woke up to rain and dreary weather. We laid around, read books and Jared watched his other movie. We have had movie passes left over from Christmas and decided to put them to use and go see Zero Dark Thirty that evening. It was AMAZING!!! Jessica Chastain definitely deserved to win the Golden Globe last night. I have seriously loved EVERY movie she has been in thus far. Afterwards, we hit up Huey's for a good burger and fries. I have been a total flop with the clean eating but I'm starting new today. That's a whole other blog post!

Sunday we skipped church and headed out to see Jared's parents. His mom had emergency surgery on her leg after a fall Thanksgiving weekend and was starting to get better and then fell again last Thursday. They decided that she hadn't injured anything that they repaired in the first surgery. PTL However, they think it might have injured her ligaments. She goes today for an MRI to see. Prayers would be greatly appreciated that she does not have to have surgery again!

Last night was spent on the phone with Xfinity. I greatly despise them. Our DVR went out right in the middle of the new episode of Downton Abbey and had not yet come back on. Now I have to get a new cable box and all of my recorded shows are GONE! Uggghhhh! SO annoying!

Is anyone else sick of the weather? If it's going to be cold be cold and if it's going to be warm be warm! Also this rain needs to go somewhere far away from here.