Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Soooo Close

Yep, that's right. Graduation is so close yet so far away. I'm in the home stretch of my college career and I couldn't be happier or more stressed than I am right now. I'm counting down the days til I can be a normal person again. I can't wait to come home, work out cook dinner enjoy a glass of wine and just chill with my husband. Ever since we have been together I have been in school. I'll admit I have taken a couple of semesters here or there off for various reasons such as getting married or not wanting to pay for summer school out of pocket. So I can not wait to be able to spend as much time with him after work and on the weekends without school interupting! And I'm sure he is ready to not have to help me with papers because I have procrastinated and I have two assignments due that night! he he

I'm also looking forward to reading books other than school books! I absolutely LOVE to read. Call me a dork but I don't care. I have a couple that have been collecting dust on my night stand that are screaming to be read. Any book suggestions that you all might have are gladly welcomed too!

Goodness Gracious December 17th can not get here soon enough until then I will keep this in mind.