Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Makenley Kay's Baby Shower

May 18th I had the privilege to helping throw a baby shower for one of my best friends. Kayce is pregnant with her second baby and this time it's a GIRL! Makenley Kay Fry will be here June 17th if not sooner. I can't wait to meet Little Makfry!

This was crafting face from the night before. I was sending these to Kayce. Mind you I had helped my little sister finish off a bottle of wine at Greekfest. I do my best work tipsy.

The easiest banner to make EVER!

Favors....that took forever to make but were so yummy!

The cake. I loved how it turned out!

Close up of the cake. You know I love me so monograms!

We talked Kayce's brother Kevin into drawing the stroller to match the invitation.

The Proud Baby Momma. You can't even tell she's been sick the WHOLE pregnancy, can you?

Food Table

Kayce's mom went all out on the diaper cake. I think their family is super excited about having a girl.

Another shot of the food and diaper cake.

The cake and guest book table.

You can't really tell but we used the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the Places You'll Go" for the guest book. Totally stole that idea from pinterest!

Another shot of the Baby Momma and the banner I made. It's tough throwing a shower for the most crafty and creative person EVER!

Big Brother Easton!

He loved the camera if you couldn't tell.

Straight Cheesin!

About to open presents.

Uncle Kevin and Uncle Hot Dog!

Beautiful picture of my best friend!

Looking at the balloon stuck in the fan.

Momma and Daddy Fry.

Little Sister. This girl already has more clothes than me!

Straight chillin in the new double stroller!

Kayce & Mary

Kayce and her sister in law Danielle.

French Fry & Hot Dog!!!

Kayce & Holly

Watching the boys snake hunting....You might be a redneck. Hehehe

Serious business over there!

Not only is he good at drawing but he also is an expert Snake Killer!

We're all so ready for Makenley to be here!!