Friday, March 19, 2010

On My Way to See the Tigers Play!

That’s right, at 3 p.m. I’m headed to Oxford to watch the Tigers take on Ole Miss! The game is officially SOLD OUT! I cannot wait. Hopefully we’ll pull out a win! Mable is having a babysitter while we are gone. Jared’s Cousin Melissa is coming over after school and watching her. Mable is so excited!

Last night we took Mable to Harbor Town. We had some things to pick up from the old apartment. While Jared took down the drapes I headed out for a 3 mile jog. The weather yesterday was AWESOME! There were so many people at the park. After we loaded up the car we took Mable out to play. We ran into two guys. One had a South African Mastiff and the other had an English Mastiff. The S.A. Mastiff weighed 80lbs and was only 6 months old! The other guy wasn’t sure of his dog’s weight but he said that he was averaging 3-5lb weight gain a WEEK! Holy Moly! Mable just sat in my arms and stared at the two dogs playing. I can’t believe my little Mable will be that big someday! This is her playing on our old coffee table. She loves to get underneath stuff. She better enjoy it no because she won't be able to fit under there forever!

All that playing wore her out!

She ran and played and wore herself out! After the park we headed to Miss Cordelia’s. We wanted to introduce Mable to our favorite “restaurant” on the Island. She loved it! She drew a lot of attention from people walking by. This is completely understandable since she is SOOOO CUTE! Well I better get back to work since I’m leaving early.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Bout Them Tigers!

Last Night's game was nothing short of amazing! I think it might have been one of my favorite Tiger games of ALL time! I know we didn't make it to the NCAA tournament but last night I couldn't have been more proud of my boys in BLUE!

The game was close the entire time. You could feel the excitement in the Forum! Everyone was on their feet and cheering the whole game! Wesley Witherspoon is the real hero of the game. He is the reason Jared and I are headed to Oxford tomorrow to watch them take on Ole Miss! His last minute shot to win the game was clutch! I've never seen so many Tiger Fans jumping, screaming and cheering! It rocked my face off! Here are some pictures from the game last night. I did get a pic of the scoreboard but I haven't downloaded it yet.

On another wonderful note. Mable slept in her kennel from midnight til 6:30 a.m. when we had to drag her butt out of bed. I love it! Hopefully she got her sleeping genes from her Momma! Jared thinks I'm narcoleptic but I beg to differ. I just really enjoy my sleep!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Happy St. Patty’s Day Everyone. This is going to be short and sweet! Last night Jared’s parents had us over for dinner and also to introduce Mable to Pacey, their dog. We had homemade burgers and white beans. Not a huge dam of white beans but the burger was AWESOME! Mable loved Pacey but Pacey was a little unsure of her new relative.

I’m so excited because we have tickets for tonight’s Tiger Game. I’ll be sporting my green Tiger shirt! Mable also got a Tiger shirt! You can see it in the picture above. Here are some more pics of my beautiful baby Girl!!!

Aren't her rolls adorable?

This was taken when she got home from her Grandparent's House last night. She was wore out!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Best Weekend EVER!!!

Friday night was a big night in the Franks Family! We picked up our first child, Mable. Mind you, she does have 4 legs and likes to lick a lot but she is our first child none the less! And she is so stinking cute…she gets it from her Mommy! Friday after work we made the trek to Grenada Mississippi to pick little Mable up. It was runny and dreary but that couldn't put a damper on my day. When we arrived we were led to the “Puppy” area. She was in a kennel with her two brothers and let me just tell you she was about 2 inches taller than both of them and her belly was twice the size of both of her brothers. I think we’re going to have a big girl on our hands!

The drive home seemed like it took forever. She did really good but got a little antsy towards the end. The whole way home she nudged herself in between me and the car door. I think she liked the noise from outside. It was the cutest thing ever! I left my camera at work so all of the pics in the post are from Jared’s IPhone. Sorry about the quality!

Here is a pic of us on the way home. Don’t you just love her fleece blanket? They were only $2.99 at Garden Ridge!

Once we arrived home we showed her around her new crib. We joked with her saying that she had won the jackpot. I mean what puppy has a house in High Point, two decent SUV’s, a lake house and a boat???? Ha-ha That night Matt, Matt, and Abbey stopped by to see Mable. She definitely loved all the attention. Everyone finally left around 2 and she slept in her crate from 2:45 to 6:45 a.m. I thought we had something good going. She had another agenda
Saturday morning we woke up, gave her a bath and then a much needed nap with Mom and Dad. Then we hopped in the car, ran some errands and went to visit my friend from work and her Daughter. Mable pretty much slept the whole time. Obviously we weren’t that exciting or maybe it’s the fact that she was only 7 weeks old on Friday and requires a lot of sleep!

Saturday was a big day for Mable she had so many people wanting to come see how cute she was. Her visitors included:

Aunt Dot

Then that night we had both our families and extended families over for dinner! Her visitors then were:

My Mom and Dad
Jared’s Mom and Dad
Aunt Judy
Aunt Bet
Aunt Helen
Tom and Martha
Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim
Lulu came back over with Jacob, Courtney, Hana and Evan

It was so much fun and definitely wore Little Miss Mable out! Once everyone left we went to see Aunt Brittany and Uncle Brett. They had just got home from their honeymoon and we were so happy to see them. We really missed them while they were gone! Mable wanted nothing to do with their Boxer, Copper. It was the first time we heard her growl. We will definitely need to work on socializing her more with other dogs! Finally around midnight we put her in her kennel and she slept til 3. We let her out to do her business and when she came back in she was like a whole new puppy! She was finally playing with her toys and running around. It was the cutest thing ever! We stayed up til 4 playing with our Little Monster!

After her playtime we just figured she would go back to bed. This is where her agenda came in. She cried when we put her up and wanted nothing to do with her kennel. I’m such a pushover. I got her out and put her in the bed with us. She slept til 7!

Sunday was our Lazy day. We tried walking with a leash….fail. So we bought a pink harness and that was very successful. She walked a ½ mile last night! Sunday, Aunt Ashlee came over to see how cute she was and we had a photo shoot of Mable and the bushes. She loves running through them! Brad, Julie and Buckley came by she growled a little at Buckley but it seemed like she was getting used to him.

She loves playing in the Bushes

Sunday night we put her in the bed with us and she slept in two 3 hour increments. I took off work Monday so I didn’t mind at all! Monday was so much fun. We took her to the vet and she weighed in at 13.5 lbs! She has curves in ALL the right places! Then we stopped at Chick Fil A and Pet Smart. We will definitely be signing her up for puppy school. Any help with obedience will definitely be graciously accepted!

Today was the first day that Jared and I both had to get up and go to work and get her up, fed and taken out. Let’s just say we slept through the alarm and I haven’t showered. But we made it to work and she is in the crate and it’s breaking my heart. Luckily we live close enough to work so I can go home for lunch. I can’t wait!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. They were taken with Jared's iPhone. I left my camera at work all weekend!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mable Anne Franks

Our New Bullmastiff Puppy!

She was born January 22, 2009 and we get to pick her up next Friday March 12th after work. We are both SOOOOO excited. Now I just have to get the new house puppy proofed!