Friday, March 19, 2010

On My Way to See the Tigers Play!

That’s right, at 3 p.m. I’m headed to Oxford to watch the Tigers take on Ole Miss! The game is officially SOLD OUT! I cannot wait. Hopefully we’ll pull out a win! Mable is having a babysitter while we are gone. Jared’s Cousin Melissa is coming over after school and watching her. Mable is so excited!

Last night we took Mable to Harbor Town. We had some things to pick up from the old apartment. While Jared took down the drapes I headed out for a 3 mile jog. The weather yesterday was AWESOME! There were so many people at the park. After we loaded up the car we took Mable out to play. We ran into two guys. One had a South African Mastiff and the other had an English Mastiff. The S.A. Mastiff weighed 80lbs and was only 6 months old! The other guy wasn’t sure of his dog’s weight but he said that he was averaging 3-5lb weight gain a WEEK! Holy Moly! Mable just sat in my arms and stared at the two dogs playing. I can’t believe my little Mable will be that big someday! This is her playing on our old coffee table. She loves to get underneath stuff. She better enjoy it no because she won't be able to fit under there forever!

All that playing wore her out!

She ran and played and wore herself out! After the park we headed to Miss Cordelia’s. We wanted to introduce Mable to our favorite “restaurant” on the Island. She loved it! She drew a lot of attention from people walking by. This is completely understandable since she is SOOOO CUTE! Well I better get back to work since I’m leaving early.



Caroline said...

Knox has someone coming to check on him while we're at the game. So excited! I am leaving work at 11am. I can't wait! Maybe I'll see you there! Go Tigers!