Sunday, August 15, 2010


So I guess I felt the need to take the summer off from Blogging. Well I back with lots of updates! this summer has flown by. Between lake trips, cookout, wedding showers and bachelorette parties we've been super busy!

Mable is growing like a weed. She'll be seven months on August 22nd and weighs close to seventy pounds!!! She is such an awesome dog! I don't know what we'd do without her! Here are some recent pictures of her because it wouldn't be a blog post without pics of my baby!

Friday night was super low key. We went out to Jared's parent's house ate dinner and hung out. We discovered that Mable loves Basketball just like her daddy. She's a defensive star. You didn't' hear this from me but she definitely stole the ball from Jared several times! I think if she had thumbs her shooting would improve!

Saturday we woke up and got breakfast from Holiday Ham...YUMMY!!! Then it was off to pick up paint. This weekend I was determined to knock some things off the house "to-do list". One of the most important was to paint the mudroom. I don't know who thought a sea foam green accent wall looked good but I was determined to paint over it!

Here are a couple before pictures....

The lovely accent wall! This picture doesn't really show off how lovely the sea foam green really is.

Here my painting partner. He's pretty cute!

About halfway through my parents stopped by to say hi. Mom helped me finish the trim and Dad hung out with his favorite grand dog! I think its safe to say she might like him too!

Here is the finished product. I love how the room turned out. Now I just need to hang some things on the wall.

Saturday night Jared's parents came to visit and see the room. It was so much fun having both sets of parents come over! They took us to dinner at Swanky's. It was his parent's first time to go but I have a sneaky suspicion they'll want to go back again. It was so good! Anyone who knows me knows that dinner wouldn't be complete without a stop by TCBY. I got a scoop of cookies and cream and it didn't disappoint.

Jared and I were playing around with the camera on the way to dinner. Here is a pic of Jared being goofy.

Ms. Shirley!!!
Mean Face!
Today has been a lazy day for us. We took Mable to the dog park early this morning. She loved it and has been lounging all day long. It's definitely been a family couch day! I finally got up and went to the gym and the grocery store. Now I'm just washing clothes and getting ready for the work week...BOOO!! Is it Friday yet???