Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

 I LOVE LISTS this is why I decided to do a Top Ten Tuesday post however my follow through on my lists is not very good. Follow Through is a big goal for me this year.

 In 4 days I will have a 17 month old. How is that even possible? It's funny all the people that tell you before you have kids that the days are long but the years are short. Well let me just tell you all those older ladies are so true!

Declan has been super clingy and wanting me to hold him and be with him all the time and I'm not complaining one bit. I love that little Momma's boy.

 Declan has also started being intentional when he talks. He loves to say the "O" sound and his sweet version of "momma" melts my heart every time.

Sidenote: If you can't tell he has Aunt Shae Shae wrapped around his fingers and she will do anything for him. We also put his hair in "Coolio" ponytails.

 I decided the beginning of March that I was going to read more. I'm notorious for buying books and not reading them. Dave Ramsey would have a heart attack at the amount of books I've bought and never read. See that follow through thing sneaking up again. Well I'm proud to say that I've read three books since the beginning of March! I also discovered that our public library here in Memphis has an app that you can download three books at a time to your kindle for free!! Dave would be so proud!

Budget! Budget! Budget! I've decided that its time to be more intentional with paying off our debt and saving for rainy days. Our budget needs some work but I'm committed to making it work and Jared is on the same page. I'm reading "Total Money Makeover" and going through the workbook.

My side job....which I absolutely love and allows be to bring in income without sacrificing a bunch of time away from family and I drive a FREE LEXUS is really taking off. It's crazy what happens when you put your mind to something and really work at it!


Nerium which is my side job see #7 just launched an eye cream that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! It was developed at Signum Biosciences on the campus of Princeton. So Princeton's best shot at anti-aging! Nothing can hold a candle to that! Check out these pictures!

So the one above is a close friend of mine Cassie Carriger. These are her results A MINUTE after she applied the eye cream! #holysmokes #neriumdoesitagain

Jared started cross fit this week and I'm so excited for him! I think he's going to really like it. Now I need to get my butt in gear. 

I just love that man right there!

I need to practice more gratefulness. I know I can get so caught up with all the things I don't have when I need to focus on the things I do have. Jared and I had a grateful journal before we got pregnant and I think we need to end the day with that again.