Monday, February 1, 2010

Shape Up 2010

Today I officially start Half Marathon Training. My first run is 2 miles which will unfortunately have to be completed on the treadmill otherwise known as the revolving apparatus of death! j/k It’s really not that bad for any length under 4 miles but after that I get very bored. Luckily the treadmill at the gym has a T.V. and I’ve downloaded “The Shack” from ITunes audio books. I’ve seen some runners in the blog world listening to books while they run so I figured I would give it a try as well. My training this week looks pretty easy to accomplish:

Monday – 2 miles
Tuesday – Spin Class
Wednesday – 2.5 miles
Friday - Rest maybe aeroboxing
Saturday – 3 miles and Zumba with Ashlee
Sunday – Rest
*I added the aerobics classes in there on my own. They are not required for training but they can only help my endurance!

This weekend was fun. Friday we were sent home at 10 a.m. due to the Winter Storm that was on its way to Memphis. Everything closed down. We ended up getting tons of ice with a sprinkling of snow. My parents lost power Friday night and it stayed out til late Saturday afternoon. We were very fortunate that we didn’t lose power. Jared and I stayed at home and avoided all the ice and snow Friday Night. We did venture out Saturday to help throw a couples shower for out close friends Brett and Brittany a.k.a Brettany. It was so much fun. I think Brett was really excited about all his Lowe’s gift cards.

We ended up spending the night at Jared’s parents’ house. It was a lot easier to drive to their house than to drive all the way downtown plus our toilet was out of commission! That’s a whole other story! I love spending the night out there. We woke up and ate a huge breakfast and then spent the day running errands with Ashlee, Jared’s little sister. She got some amazing new shoes. They’re puma’s and I secretly am obsessed with them. Aren’t they cute???

They come in pink too! Too bad we're on a budget. I keep telling myself….we’re getting a house clothes and shoes are not important right now however my brain is not on the same page! This budget stuff is going to be the death of me. Now it’s Monday and I’m doing it all over again. Better get back to work!



Jennifer said...

All of these posts about working out is inspiring me. Gotta be bikini ready!! :) Good luck with your training!