Friday, February 12, 2010

It's FINALLY at last!

Hello Weekend I have missed you greatly! I don’t know how I made it through a 5 day work week. These past four days are killing me! Since I’m so sneaky I’ve managed to only work 4 day weeks for my WHOLE birthday month. I must give some credit to the government and Mother Nature! I’m so excited about this weekend. You might ask why so I will tell you! WE’RE GOING TO LOOK AT PUPPIES TOMORROW!!!!! Not just any puppy but a Bull Mastiff puppy. I’m so freaking excited. I’ve waited my whole life to get a puppy. Growing up we had two Lhasa Apses but we rescued both of them when they were about two years old so I’ve never had a puppy. I literally have asked Jared for a puppy since we started dating. It just never was the right time. I completely understood (sort of). We were in apartments which charged ridiculous pet deposits and then a monthly fee tacked on to your rent. BOO!!! So now that were purchasing our first home it’s time to get a puppy!

I know we’re not really getting a puppy but instead a small horse. Ha-Ha But we, I mean Jared has done lots of research on this breed for about a year now. Basically, they are big couch potatoes! I can’t wait for lazy afternoons lying on the couch with the puppy! In true Kelly form I have already looked into Dog clothing. She must be stylish at all times. Some of the outfits are a surprise for Jared but I will post pictures as soon as he sees them! I’m getting excited just talking about puppies!

Not only have we picked out a breed and found a breeder but we’ve also decided on her name too.

Mable Anne Franks

Doesn’t that sound precious??? The only thing that sucks about a big dog is how big the price tag is for all her goodies! The crate alone is 120.00. Goodness Gracious! I’m also on the hunt for a ginormous monogrammed dog bed. Does anyone know where we can purchase one? I can hardly wait to get little Mable. Tomorrow is just to go look but I’m hoping Jared breaks down and purchases one! Keep your fingers crossed!

On to the topic of Exercise, I went to my second Zumba class last night and it ROCKED MY FACDE OFF!! Last night was 30 minutes of intense Zumba and thirty minutes of arms, legs, and abs. Holy Moly, my legs do not like me this morning. I needed it after I consumed my 2 pound salad from Schnuck’s Salad Bar. It was truly glorious and I ate every last bit of it! I’m a MONSTER! Ha-ha Hope everyone has a great weekend!!