Friday, March 18, 2016

March Picture Overload Part One

WARNING: Picture OVERLOAD if you don't like pictures of our precious little angel don't read any further.

Who all voted in their Primary Elections??? We have fancy stickers in TN. 

How preppy and cute is he in his boots and vest? His Vest game has to be strong like Daddy.

Had to fuel up for dad's first basketball game of the season. He loves his tortellini.

He started out good sitting in the stroller but that didn't last long. Then we went to the bleachers and he flirted with any girl that would look at him. It's crazy to me how he already knows how to charm the ladies! The game went into overtime so we had to head to the hall way to run around but overall he was great during the game. 


Crazy Hair and he could care less.

I had to pull it out of his face since Jared was protesting a hair cut.

Nap time in the stroller while daddy was running errands.

Playing in the mud and throwing rocks. #allboy

He absolutely LOVES to sweep.

His poor molars are coming in but I'm enjoying all the extra snuggles. 

Since Daddy was feeling bad we went out to Mimi and Poppy's house so he could spend the night with them.

Scooby Snacks and Man Buns. LOL!!!