Wednesday, March 2, 2016

13 Weeks

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post is from 2014 when I was pregnant with Declan I just never hit publish then. 

How Far Along? 13 weeks

Size of Baby: A Pea Pod (3 inches)

Gender: One day I think boy and the next I think girl. Can't wait to find out!

Weight Gain: 6lbs I gained 5lbs in the first 8 weeks because I was straight up lazy! The first trimester exhaustion is no joke! I started prenatal boot camp with Fusion Fitness at 8 weeks and it’s made a world of difference!

Maternity Clothes: I lost my job this week so I’ve been living in tempo shorts and large t-shirts which are heavenly. I have been living in maxi dresses too. I’m still not ready for maternity clothes but a lot of my clothes are pretty tight in the tummy area.

Nursery: Is still a guestroom.  

Movement: Nothing at the moment but I seriously CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Symptoms: The "girls" are still a little sore and HUGE! I’ve only been sick twice and it was in the car while I was on the phone. I guess I’ve developed carsickness or maybe I should just stay off the phone in the car.

Sleep: This is ALL I DO! Ever since we found out I’ve been sleeping non-stop and always feel exhausted. This growing a baby business is no joke! I sleep from 5pm then wake up for dinner and then go back to bed till the next morning. I usually wake up once to pee which is rather annoying!

Cravings: Sweets and Red Meat. Specifically Swedish Fish and Tops Hamburgers

What I Miss:  Turkey Sammies, Adult Beverages every once in awhile and my energy!

Best Moment This Week: Telling a lot of our friends. Our families have known for a while but telling our friends has been so fun! It’s still a secret on FB since I’m job searching.

Looking Forward To: Finding out what were having and looking pregnant not “fluffy”!