Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

I was reading Mix and Match Momma this past weekend. Side Note..... I honestly can not remember the last time I actually sat and read blogs. Partly because I chase around a toddler and work two jobs and partly because I have a horrible habit of comparing myself to everyone. Back to the real focus of this post, I was reading Shay's blog and was intrigued by her starting her month with her goals and then reevaluating them at the end of the month. I know for a fact I'm not good at holding myself accountable so maybe if I write it down, blog about it and tell the whole world wide web maybe I'll actually follow through. So here go nothing!

2 Books: I'm notorious for buying LOTS and I mean LOTS of books and NEVER I mean NEVER finishing them. So I'm committing to finishing 2 and keeping track of them on my GoodReads account. Another idea I stole from Shay. She reads 6 A MONTH! Holy Moly! My two books this month are The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers by Hal Elrod and Pat Petrini ( I gotta get my Nerium Game Strong Again)

Quiet Time: I was listening to a Joyce Meyer Podcast yesterday and it hit home with this Momma. She said everyone needs quiet time with God every morning which I couldn't agree with more and then she said it DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG IT WAS. Wow, what a slap in the face! I seriously won't do it if I don't have 30 mins to do it. So many days I don't have that however Joyce said God loves you even if you give him two minutes and sometimes that's all I have and he loves me just the same. So this morning I sat in my closet after I got out of the shower and read through my First5 app for the first time in forever and guess what the topic was....ACCOUNTABILITY. Ding Ding Ding....I think God was in on that, LOL! They referenced Hebrews 2:1. Go and read it...GOOD STUFF right there,

Insanity: And I'm not talking about my life. I may be smaller than I've been in a while physically but my energy level and toneness (is that even a word) SUCK. So I signed up for 90 days free beachbody on demand and I'm going to do Insanity with my boy Shaun T. I was planning on getting up early yesterday and starting but we had a rough night with D (Excuses Excuses) so I'm starting tonight. Maybe I'll post some before and afters.

Think Before I Speak: This one is pretty self explanatory. I need to shut my mouth and count to ten and if I still need to say it then I'll say it. I can say some pretty mean stuff so I'm working on shutting my mouth more. And all the people said AMEN!

Blog 4 Times This Month: One down 3 to go.

Letters to Declan: When I was pregnant and after I had him I was severely depressed so I didn't journal or keep up with a baby book. It was a struggle to even get monthly pictures. I'm not sure if I'm gonna email them to him (yes, he has an email address) or just put them on here. We shall see but I want him to know what's going on with him and how much I love him to pieces. So much so it hurts sometimes. Maybe I can get Jared to join in on this one but we shall see. 

And no blog post is complete without some pictures of my little monkey bear! Gosh, he is so cute!!