Friday, March 25, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. MY MOST PRIZED POSSESSION is my wedding ring the center stone is from my Nana's engagement ring. My bible I got it from my Grandma and Poppie for Christmas in 1987. The best thing about it that they signed it. It's very special to me. I'm a very sentimental person.
2. IF I COULD BE ONE AGE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, I WOULD WANT TO BE IN MY 30'S. My 20's have definitely molded me in to the person I am now and I am grateful for that however they were tough and are still tough with going to work full time and being in school full time I don't really have a chance to breathe. I will hopefully be finished with my undergrad this December and then go on to get my Master's immediately and find a career that makes me happy and is rewarding! And possible have some little munchkins running around the house!

3. THE BEST WAY TO SPEND A WEEKEND is spending time with my husband and family! I don't care what were doing as long as we are together and no schoolwork is involved! ha ha So this weekend with not be ideal! :(

4. MY OUTLOOK ON LIFE  is that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and the Big Man upstairs is in charge and once you start to let go and let Him take charge things will start to look up! I'm not saying everyday will be perfect but God only gives you what you can handle and apparently I'm a pretty strong woman! 

5. IF YOU WANT TO ANNOY ME, start a story and don't finish it! Uggghhh that drives me bonkers! 

6. I'M COMPLETELY DEFENSELESS when it comes to animals. I want to save them ALL!!

7. WHEN DRESSING FOR THE DAY  one should wear something that makes them feel comfortable and pretty!


Carolina said...

awesome!!I totally agree with your outlook on life :)

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