Thursday, October 13, 2016

State Football Game

So every since Ashlee started dating Patrick I've wanted to go to a State game. We just could never find a weekend that worked. Well that all changed last weekend and I discovered a new love for Starkville and I would be totally fine if Declan decided to attend college there. 

Friday, I took a half day and we all went down after work. Unfortunately the only picture I took were Saturday at the game. I need to get better at that. We got to Starkville around 7 and had Mexican at La Terreza and I realized how old I really am and how thankful I am that crop tops and mom jeans were not in style when I was in college.

We stayed the weekend with Patrick's best friend's apartment. 6 people in a two bedroom two bath apartment. It was perfect though bc we were able to walk to the game and we didn't have to pay. They were so sweet to let us take over their apartment and bathrooms. 

Saturday morning we were up bright and and headed to the game around 8:30. It was an 11:00 am game so this let us tailgate for a bit. Here are some pics from the Junction. 

Me and My Honey

The Four of Us.

Walking up to the Stadium.

They had sky divers bring in the flag which was really cool. 

That smile melts my heart.

Davis Wade Stadium

Me and Sissy

Happy about our kid free weekend. 

A good whiskey drink makes a losing game so much better!

The only thing I would've done different would be to have worn sunscreen. My left side was FRIED!! You can totally tell in this picture.

We tried to hang out Saturday night but only made it til 8:30. The Cotton District was fun but these old farts couldn't hang after being up since 6 a.m. 

On the way out of town Sunday we ate at City Bagel and it was delicious.

Such a fun weekend with family, football and great food!

Meanwhile Declan ruled the roost at my parents house.

So thankful for my parents who watched Declan while we were gone and dressed him in his State Shirt from Uncle Pat and Aunt Sissy.

He had fun with my parents neighbor. 

Probably telling her he wanted to watch choo choos.