Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today I'm linking up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday"!

First and Foremost I'm absolutely LOVING my new running shoes. Christin at Fleet Feet Memphis helped me to find a shoe that has a larger toe box for my bunion. Yes I'm only 30 but I have old lady feet. I'll give you a quarter to rub it. What movie is that from?? In all seriousness I've run in these twice so far and they are marvelous. If you are running and haven't been properly fitted for shoes shame on you! Now run don't walk to your local running store and get fitted. You can thank me later!

Second, I'm loving my gym. Now that the New Years Resolution hype has died down I have enjoyed being back in the gym.

I went to Spin class last night and although I burned some calories I just really couldn't get into the class. It was only 45 minutes and there was sub teacher who really lacked energy and her music selection sucked. I never realized how much the energy of the instructor plays into me enjoying the class. Farriss, please come back!

Of course I'm always loving my Hubby! He helped get rid of our hot tub in the back yard this past weekend and cleared out some flower beds so I'm loving his alot this week. :) How could you not love that face? I know I'm partial but I really lucked out with this cutie!

What are you loving this week?


The Southern Wife said...

Come see me when you go to DAC!!!