Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What You Don't Know Wednesday

I totally stole this idea form Christin. I've been in a blog writing funk so I'm hoping this relieves it!

1. I was born at 7:13 p.m. and weighed 7lbs 13 oz. I also have 2 middle names Kelly Savina Louise Franks.

2. I recently self diagnosed myself with a Gluten Sensitivity. Avoiding gluten has made a world of difference with my "stomach" issues. Now I think I'm going to get the Al cat Test to see what else I'm allergic to and make some diet changes. FYI Issuance usually covers this test.

3. I was an only child until I was 5 years old and still act like it. Admitting this is the first step right? Lucky for me my husband treats me like a queen. I'm one lucky lady!

4. I never went to day care as a child. I stayed with my grandparents who lived less than a mile from our house. I blame all my spoiled tendencies on them! It's definitely not my fault. ;)

5. I am extremely clumsy. I ran into a coffee table as a child and got a huge bruise on my cheek which resulted in a huge dimple. I also ran into a door jam and received 50 stitches on my forehead when I was 3.

6. The plastic surgeon that stitched up my forehead was also one of my best friend's boob job doctor. Small World, huh?

7. I secretly wanted to be a cheerleader growing up but my dad told me it wasn't a sport. So I played soccer instead. I was the prissiest soccer player EVER! I always had on full make up, two french braids with white bows on the end. Don't Judge! If I was going to play soccer I was going to look good doing it. I think players underestimated my soccer skills because of the way I looked. I would know a girl down in a heart beat.

8. Playing soccer made me love running. It's my stress reliever!

9. I wrecked my first car the first weekend I had it and had to drive a minivan all summer for my punishment. The upside...Cops in Collierville NEVER pull over minivans!

10. I gave up Ice Cream for Lent my senior year of High School while working at Baskin Robbins. Talk about some serious will power. I also lost 20 pounds!

11. I was in a bad car wreck the morning of Prom my senior year. I was thrown from a car and walked away with only a broken collar bone and stitches in my back. Obviously God had other plans for my on this earth because everyone that worked the scene has no clue how I walked away from that alive.

12. My husband and I are two years and two days apart. He stole my Birthday Thunder. J/K Love you Hunney!

13. I've run 3 half with a stress fracture.

14. I've never been to Disney World or Land. I'm hoping to change that this year. My husband feels that I was deprived as a child. I see many more trips in our future. I love being married to him!

15. I've recently started to read the bible front to back. I'm 30 years old and have never read it. I think it's long over due!


The Southern Wife said...

Glad you're getting answers on the stomach issues! We need to get together soon!

Delta Daisies said...

I am totally stealing this idea from you!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Fun idea! I can't believe that about the senior year car wreck. You are one lucky gal!

Ericka Milford said...

I knew most of this... did I just bust your "things you didn't know bubble?" hehehe jk Love you!

Sarah said...

Love this! I may have to steal this idea :) If you need help with your Disney World trip...let me know. I am a Disney travel agent and my services are free :)