Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Last night while Jared and I were watching out Sunday night TV I couldn't believe that the weekend has come and gone. Seriously, where did the weekend go? This weekend was laid back but so much fun. Friday night Jared and I went shopping for a new fan for our bedroom and new globes for the lights in the master bathroom. Oh the joys of home ownership! We ended up going with a Hampton Bay fan that is flush to the ceiling. I didn't realize how having a fan flush to the ceiling would make the room seem bigger. This is a picture of the fan I took from the Home Depot site.

After our trip to Home Depot we were starving and not feeling like cooking or doing dishes since we currently do not have a working dishwasher. That's a whole other blog post in its self.

Quick question, do you and your significant other have a hard time deciding where to eat? We can always think of places to try when were not going to eat but when its dinner time and were hungry we can never decide on anything. Luckily Friday we were in a decisive mood. We ended up trying out Casablanca. I can't begin to say enough good things about this restaurant. We were seated immediately. The owner in the picture below on the left came and greeted us. Such a nice guy. The whole time we were eating he was visiting, suggesting foods and just getting to know his customers! I went with the Couscous Platter with Lamb and Jared got the Super Sandwich that had lamb, beef and chicken inside. It was ALL DELICIOUS! If you do go get their tea. You can thank me later!

This is a picture of the owner leaned up against their huge display of their olive oil, tea and deserts! Below are more pics of the restaurant.

Last month we purchased a Groupon for an unlimited month of aerobic kickboxing at Memphis Judo-Jiu Jitsu. The past two Saturdays Jared and I have gotten up and made it to the 9am class on Saturday. Getting up and working out early on Saturdays has really set the tone for the rest of the weekend. I'm going to be sad when my month runs out this Thursday.

That afternoon Jared's parents came to visit and help put up the fan. We hadn't seen them in couple of weeks since they decided to spend a week in Mexico. Not that I'm bitter or jealous! ha! We grilled steaks  and I made a cesaer salad and Iowa Girl Eats' roasted potatoes. It was enjoyed with my new favorite wine, Cupcake Merlot! So Yum!

Sunday was our lazy day. We went on bike ride and finished up laundry then ended the night with our Sunday night TV. I love spending the weekends with the ones I love. It makes my heart so happy.

Did you enjoy your weekend?


Valerie Griffin said...

You definitely have me wanting to try Casablanca!

Andrea Olson said...

You are making up for those years of studying--great weekend. Now I am in your shoes and wish for a weekend!

Sarah said...

We always go to the same places...Memphis Pizza Cafe, Russo's, Mama Mias, Firebirds, Gus's, and Lee Kan's.

LeahBud said...

I found your blog from Valerie Griffins link about Casablanca. I've been hearing lots of good things about it and now I'm going to have to give it a try! Cute Blog!
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