Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make-up Help

So, I'm stuck in a rut. I think I have used the same Clinique pressed powder since High School. Now that I'm getting older I think I need something with a little more coverage.
I've also stopped tanning so I want something that will brighten my face and prevent it from looking dull. I'm definitely not one to pick out my own colors or products. I usually do best with someone else picking it out. Does anyone have any suggestions of products or somewhere to go? I've heard good things about Merle Norman???

Also, what do y'all use for cleaning your face and moisturizer? I've been using Oil of Olay Regenerist but I need something to minimize my pores. Any help would be appreciated!!!



Leigh said...

I love Make up Forever..I get it at Sephora. Its a liquid but I PROMISE it dries like a stuff I have ever used and I have never worn liquid foundation before this...I always used pressed powders. I have even talked several of my girlfriends in to using this product. Oh and I use the HD loose powder with it...its white but it goes on naturally. Hope this helps...Im not much help with the moisturizer for pores {I have huge pores too) but I love my Bobbi Brown skin care...she has great face wash toner and moisturizer and I LOVE the eye cream!!

FYI when you see me at work, I NEVER have make up on..haha. I cant wake up early enough so dont judge my advice by what I look like when you see me in Foozi. ha!