Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Go Tigers Go!

Happy Wednesday! Last night was a lazy night at the Franks Household. We watched the Grizzles beat the Cavaliers in Ovetime and then I fell asleep..pretty exciting, huh? I woke up this morning to the sound of huge windgusts. The temperature is 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. If it's going to be December I want cold weather.
Tonight the Tigers are playing at home not sure who were playing but I will definitely be there! This season we've been very lucky to have Suite Tickets for every game thanks to Jared's new company. I love watching the Tigers and especially their Head Coach Josh Pastner! Hopefully we'll pull off a win. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!




Melissa said...

Have fun at the game! I'm watching on the couch right now!

Leigh said...

Hey girl!!
That is a great picture of you and your hubby!!