Monday, April 24, 2017

Mommy Confessions

I've recently been drawn to the Risen Motherhood podcasts. I'm not really sure why I started listening or even how I found out about them. All I know is that Laura and Emily are my heros and if they lived in Memphis we would be best friends. I've been convicted through their episodes to focus more on living my life for Christ and guiding Declan that way as well.

One thing I really like about them...even though there are a bazillion things I could list is that they are so honest and real. I love that Laura posted a New Mommy Confessions blog. So I am following her lead. Although mine are Toddler Mommy Confessions.

1. My son is 2.5 years old and not potty trained and I'm completely fine with that. And technically his new school states that his doesn't have to be potty trained until he starts the 3's class which isn't until September 2018. #andallthepeoplesaidamen I'm sorry but I am not a fan of public restrooms. Except for Target and I'm not really a fan I just think they pump something into the air that makes me have to go to the bathroom every. single. time I set foot in the glorious place that is Target.

2. I have goo intentions to do my quiet/time and bible study every morning before I start getting ready and it's probably only happened 3 whole life. I really really really want to get up super early. If you are a friend of mine you would know that I take an excessive amount of time to get ready. Always have, always will. I try but the time never changes. So for me to do quiet time before getting ready I would need to wake up at 4:30. It can be done I just haven't gotten the hang of it or even really started. Oops!

3. I'm desperate to eat better and have my family eat healthier consistently. In reality that doesn't really happen. However, we have switched to organic milk and organic mac n cheese so that cancels out all the Easter candy, right?

4. I care a lot about what others think of me to a fault. This is a big one. Working on it...getting better and know it's an issue with me. Next one. LOL!

5. I suck at budgeting. I'm such an impulse buyer. Hello Target. Another thing i'm working on.

5. Open enrollment for the Preschool we want Declan to attend started in February. We applied last Friday. Nothing like a little procrastination to start your weekend off right.

6. I have 3.5 days of vacation I have to use before May 31st and I really want to take a day to stay at my house and drink coffee and binge watch tv and read lots of books. I'm a nerd and an introvert and I don't care!

7. I'm obsessed with checking out books from the library and buying lots of books from Amazon and never reading them all the way through or even starting them. You could definitely call me a book hoarder. One day I will get to them all!