Sunday, March 9, 2014

Savannah's 5th Birthday

This precious little angel turned 5 February 17th. We celebrated her birthday the weekend before. It was such a fun day. I can't believe she's five. Time seems like it's flying by the older I get. I still remember the night she was born. I totally skipped an accounting test prep class and eventually dropped that class. I'd say it was definitely worth it. I love this little girl something fierce and would do anything for her. I think I would have to say the feeling is mutual.

KK love her Savannah. 

Here are some pics from the party.

Strike a pose!

Her cute headband from her Lulu.

Cute photobomber in the background.

obviously V didn't get the silly face memo.

Selfie with KK and Jared.

Silly Faces again.

She loves her Papa so much.

Getting ready to sing her "happy birthday".

Blowing out FIVE candles. 

And again....

Nana and V.

Savannah sammy. She was snuggled up pretty good between Jared and Uncle "Angie".

Savannah and her friend

Savannah and Cousin Henry.

Acting crazy for KK.

I think their pretty smitten with the Birthday girl too!

Wrestling with Uncle "Angie".


The Southern Wife said...

You're back!

Destin Tucker said...

Love the blog posts! You are a great aunt, and all babies/kids love you!