Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five

1. Praise the Lord the SUN is out and shining! After a week of dreary rainy cold weather I can begin to explain how happy I am to see that big yellow ball in the sky. It's supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend so I'm hoping to get some things done in the yard.

2. This weekend is super busy and I'm super excited. Tonight we're going to the Redbirds game with my in laws. Did i mention I'm excited it's not raining??? Saturday we're planning on working out, watching the final four, working in the yard, spring cleaning and spending time with friends! Sunday is all about church, buying new sheets and preparing for the week ahead.

3. I'm listing my workouts from this week to hold myself accountable.
     Sunday: 3 mile run
     Monday: off day
     Tuesday: Spin and Abs
     Wednesday: off day
     Thursday: Yoga and 45 min fast paced inclined walk on the treadmill
     Friday: off day
     Saturday: not really sure maybe a run outside in the sun!!!

4. I'm really trying to eliminate the things in our house that we don't use and if we use it it needs a space and not just laying around! The first thing I'm focusing on is clothing. I'm a clothing hoarder. (The first step is to admit it, right???) There are a few big things that I want to purchase so I'm going to try and sell some things to get the money for the big things. Be looking for a blog sale early next week!!!!

5. Does anyone else have a top load HE washing machine? I need help. It smells mildewy (I love making up words!) Does anyone have any great ideas on how to keep it clean and smelling like fresh flowers and not mildewy (there's my new word...I'm contacting Webster this afternoon!). Thanks in advance for any and all help with this!!!


Dee Stephens said...

There is a washing machine cleaner you can buy in the stores. It's made by TIDE and you run it every week for 3 weeks. It works. We don't have that type of washer but I have heard my Aunts complaining about it as well. Someone mentioned to leave the door opened when you're not using.

Delta Daisies said...

I am LOVING the sunshine!