Friday, April 27, 2012

FOTO Friday

Who is excited about its Friday?? This girl right here. We have big plans. Our "daughter" is spending the weekend with my amazing in-laws so these parents are getting BUCK-WILD! Ha ha, just kidding we do have lots of plans though. Tonight is going to be low key but tomorrow we have the March of Dimes Healthy Baby Walk at Shelby Farms. Jared and I are going to bike the greenline there and back. I may not be able to move tomorrow afternoon. That night we have a couples shower for Jared's best Friend Matt and his Fiance K.C. Sunday I plan on being all types of lazy at my in laws when we pick up Mable.

 The rest of this post is just a random photo dump from my phone. 

This is my lovely husband putting together our new IKEA Expedit Shelves that hold our TV. I think he was annoyed with me taking photos as always!

Almost Finished...

DONE! We have it sitting horizontally and love it! Were planning on mounting our TV on the wall once we decide on a paint color for the living room. I'm very indecisive so this could be awhile.
I need to post a picture when its finished!

This was my Mom's Easter table. I love that she goes over the top with holiday decorations! Are the Easter Egg plates precious? They were a steal at the Williams Sonoma Outlet!

My Aunt decorated this cake. She's so crafty. FYI it was delicious too!

I've had all of these planters for some time now. A couple of weekends ago I drug Jared to Lowe's an purchased lots of potting soil and flower. I'm pretty pleased with the out come. Please disregard our "bobo" fence. The Condo Association is responsible for it and right now they are in a "fix as needed stage". Were pushing for a whole new fence but we'll have to wait and see!

A different view of the back patio and flowers. Mable was making sure everything was okay!

The large planters are from Costco and they were $18 for two. Too good of a deal to pass up. They are plastic too which makes them easy to move around!

My cute assistant!

You know, eating sticks because they are yummy!

Here is a close up of the flowers in the large planter. I'm obsessed with Sky Pencils. The other stuff has already doubled in size. I guess I inherited my Mom's green thumb. I feel so domestic. HA!

Mable and her "cigar"!

A close up of the other flowers which are still alive after a month! Go Me!

These planters were here when we moved in next to the front door. I moved them to the back and added petunias. Its crazy looking at these photos because the flowers have tripled in size now. 

My Mary Kay Pedicure. If you are interested in buying Mary Kay contact my consultant Kaleigh Coleman. She is awesome. I've been using the Timewise facial products and I LOVE THEM!

I saw this at Home Goods while we were in Atlanta. I have a mirror at home that I'm planning on making look like this

If you live in East Memphis you must check out Boneheads. Look closely at what the signs says. HEHE!
My little Bonehead!

These were my fish/chicken tacos and they were amazing. The sweet potatoes fries rocked too!

Random, I know, but so is this post! I love these colors for a girls nursery! And no, I AM NOT PREGNANT! However everyone else I know is. :)

First Jerry's Sno Cone of the season. Apparently Charlie Sheen and I both like Tiger Blood!

My sweet hubby with his Sno Cone Supreme. It has soft serve ice cream in the middle. Holy Yum!

Last but not least these are my new favorite snacks. My favorite flavor is Apple Banana. I found these at Target here in Memphis.


Valerie Griffin said...

okay, now i'm craving Jerry's!

Andrea Olson said...

Your backyard looks great Kelly! I'm moving June 1 and will have a front stoop, so I hope to be able to plant as well. I'll be in town next week, and Amy Stack and I are hittin' up Jerry's. CAN NOT WAIT.

Ericka Milford said...

You eat Go Go Squeeze... Seriously Kel.. that's Hallie and Jack's favorite snack. (Guess we know who's still a kiddo at heart!)