Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Favorite Things Right Now....

I'm more than excited about the cooler temps lately. Fall is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of the year! I got married last October so that makes this season even more special!

In following with the fall theme I had to let you all know that I'm addicted to the scents "Autumn" and "Leaves" at Bath and Body Works. Currently I have two Autumn Wallflowers, and Autumn candle and a Leaves Candle. I may have a problem but my house smells amazing!

I also may or may not have purchased this adorable little flower to attach to the visor in my car and it may or may not make my car smell like "Autumn"! :)


Ashley said...

Blog hopping and waned to say hi! I am soooo in LOVE with B&BW candles! I love the Autumn scent too! :)