Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was busy. Friday night I went to Fresh Market after work and picked up some dinner and a few other things. Jared worked for his mom so I was by myself for dinner. Saturday was SUPER busy! We woke up and went to get my new car. Two and a half hours later we said Good-Bye to Cathy and Hello to my new Nissan Murano. She still needs a name. Any Suggestions?? Then we drove out to Jared's parents house and showed off the car. Later that night we went to my old Boss' wedding. It was really pretty. There were tons of people. We only stayed for a little bit. After the wedding we met up with Jared's family for a Mexican dinner. I seriously could eat Mexican food EVERYDAY! We spent the night at their house Saturday. Sunday, Jared, his mom, and I all loaded up in the new car and went looking at houses. We fell in love with one in East Memphis. Hopefully it'll still be available in 6 months when our Lease is up! Sunday afternoon I cooked for Jared's parents. I think they were realy impressed with my Smothered Pork Chops! Now it's back to the work week! Boo!!