Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm really getting married...

The reality that I'm getting married in less than 3 months really hit me on Friday. As I was checking my emails I noticed an email from "the Knot" with the subject being 3 Months to Go!. After I picked myself up off the ground. J/k I knew it was time to get serious and get everything marked off my ever growing "to do" list. The list the Knot gives you is Crazy in-depth but super helpful. So needless to say it's Crunch Time at the Corum-Franks Households.
This past weekend I spent the night at my parents. Jared went to the Lake with one of his Best Men so I decided it would be a perfect time to get some stuff completed with my Mom. We didn't accomplish much however due to the fact that my veil and shoes came in!!!!! So of course I had to try on everything! It really hit home again that I'm getting married. I couldn't be happier. I seriously kept the dress, shoes, and veil on for at least an hour. My mom had to pry it off my body! hehe
Other than that my weekend was pretty normal. I know starting this weekend my schedule gets crazy. I have a baby shower for my Cousin on Saturday and Sunday is a Shower for one of my childhood friends. Then my bridal showers start! I guess I better get to planning and working on the Guest List. It's up to 609 guests at the moment! I think I've lost my mind!




Heather said...

I had that feeling the other day. I am getting married the week before you (Oct 17) and it has finally hit me that 'hey, I am getting married!' Good luck with the planning.