Friday, May 1, 2009

The Engagement Story....5 months Later

Thanks Melissa for posting about my blog. Now that I have people reading it I'll need to post more. I figured I should post about my engagement day. Jared completely surprised me and it will definitely be a day I will never forget! He actually proposed Sunday December 14th 2008 at the Memphis Grizzlies Game. We had received tickets from one of my sorority sisters who works for the Grizzlies on Friday for the Sunday afternoon game. Little did I know that Jared had started plotting his "plan of attack" the minute he found out I had gotten the tickets. I had never seen someone besides maybe my best friend Katie; text as much as he had been all day Saturday and into Sunday. Well Sunday rolled around and it of course was gloomy, cold, and rainy. A typical December day in Memphis. For those of you who don't know me that well, I greatly despise going out in the rain. It ruins my hair and makes me feel gross. If I can avoid being out in the rain I will. Jared knowing me quite well knew if his plan was to work out he would need to be firm and make me go no matter what. After some complaining on my part we were off to the Fed Ex Forum for the game.
When we got there I still I was oblivious to Jared's master plan. My friend had left the tickets at will-call. So as were waiting in line, Jared starts to complain that he has to use the restroom. I was getting so frustrated. He had just gone before we left not to mention you had to have your ticket to even get to the restrooms and there was no possible way I was going back out in the rain...he was just going to have to hold it. Later on I realized that his parents were in front of us in line and he was trying to distract me so I wouldn't see them. Well that plan failed and we ended up talking to them for a little bit. Lucky for Jared I was so oblivious and didn't think anything of his parents being there.
We finally got settled into our seats. I kept asking Jared where his parents were sitting and he was pointing me in a completely different direction. Little did I know that his sister and all of her close friends were here as well. During the first half Jared kept telling me to stop people watching and pay attention to the game. Yeah Right...people watching is the best part!
The first part of the game was over and I still hadn't found Jared's parents.
We were sitting near the tunnel where the players leave and I was of course people watching and not paying attention to anything once again. :) Just as the players were leaving for halftime Jared nudged me and said "hey look over there". At that point I glanced to my right and at center court along the aisle there were six or seven girls with black posters jumping up and down screaming. The posters said "Kelly, Will You Marry Me?" I was so oblivious to what was going on that I definitely told Jared "wow what a coincidence my name is Kelly". Then I looked and realized it was Jared's little sister and all of her friends holding the signs. Then it hit me....Holy Moly this is for me! I then looked at Jared and he was like so....Will you Marry Me? Of course I said Yes. Then came all the tears! I think I cried everytime someone said Congratulations! Afterwards, we left the game and celebrated with his family. It was probably the sweetest thing ever! He completely caught me off guard and I was so surprised! I think I showed everyone in the Forum my ring! Sorry this was so long. I just didn't want to forget anything! Hope everyone is having a great Friday. We're supposed to got the Redbirds game tonight and Musicfest the rest of the weekend.



Melissa said...

That's such a fun engagement story! Surprises like that are the best!!

Brandy and John said...

Awww, that is so sweet! Congrats :)

Renee said...

Hey! I saw the link to your page on Melissa's That is a really cute story. Congratulations! P.S. I live on Mud Island, too & you got engaged on my b-day. How funny!